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DAN WEINBERG, Co-founder

For the past several years, Dan has been an active partner in a 3-D Technology and live events Production Company which he co-founded. He has worked closely with several major studios, as well as independent production companies. Dan has been involved in several 3-D initiatives, including running the worlds’ premiere 3-D film festival as well as several live events. Prior to this, he founded several technology companies specializing in the sale and integration of large-scale corporate network communication systems. Over a career spanning more than 30 years he has worked with many companies including Bechtel Engineering and Coastal Corporation, assisting them with complex international technology integration. He has consulted with several governmental agencies through the Jet Propulsion Labs in Pasadena, bringing considerable skill to bear in translating the needs of high-level clients to key technical development teams. In the 1980’s, Dan helped create the sales force for ComputerLand, a chain which eventually included nearly 800 stores. In a career which started in finance and accounting, Mr. Weinberg has consulted with numerous companies to assist in streamlining their internal controls and accounting systems. Dan’s insights, gained through the analysis of the operations of many companies, including several manufacturing and venture capital firms, give him a profound knowledge of the structuring of complex financial deals. His extensive experience in operations, sales and marketing afford him the ability to develop and manage multifaceted organizations.

DON SCHNEIDER, Co-founder, Curator

Don Schneider enjoys a prolific 30-year career in film, music, theater, and immersive entertainment. He has worked with some of the world’s most highly recognized artists in groundbreaking entertainment. Don successfully finances, develops, and produces film and television projects around the world, including financing for such filmmakers as Paul Haggis, writer, and director of the film Crash and for Alan Rudolph, writer and director of Equinox. Don's current producing projects include Nanda Devi, Patrick of Ireland, Anne Frank & Me, The Virgin, and The Swag Man. Currently in post-production is the film Hollywood Rooftop, filmed on location at The Creative Technology Center, simultaneously shot in 3D and 2D, under a 360º dome, the first executed Cinema VX project. Within the event and marketing arm of his production company 3opolis, Don co-leads the orchestration of incubating start-ups at the nexus of content and technology. The resources 3opolis provides for start-ups are any one of or combination of management, finance, production technology, and facility. Among the companies 3opolis works with are Alternity, who through their live events company Visual Reality perform in the emerging territories of immersive healing experiences and entertainment; Holocryptics, providing high quality, life-sized hologram performances; and The Creative Technology Center (CTC), a 6,000 square foot production facility in downtown Los Angeles where celebrated content creators meet the bleeding edge of emerging technologies.








Michael Page, who grew up in North Park and Kearny Mesa, California, was still a teen when he joined the King Biscuit Blues Band and the Fly People. He then formed a group called Ruby and the Snakes. While in L.A. he met Iggy Pop and eventually became lifelong friends. Succeeding a stellar and colorful career in rock, Passmore Lab hired Michael to initiate and oversee 3D projects. Page says “We teamed up with rock photographer Bob Gruen, to convert his well-known iconic images to a format that can be viewed on stereoscopic displays.” PassmoreLab uses state-of-the-art computer science to create artistic visual concepts for business and entertainment. Michael has been overseeing projects at The Creative Technology Center at the Brewery Arts Center in downtown Los Angeles since before 2011. His contribution to the CTC team is impossible to measure as his unique relationship-approach to business (and life) attracts people in all walks of business, entertainment and technology. It seems that everyone who encounters Michael wants to hear his story and to get to know him. Michael is always happy to share.


Experience DesignCurator

As an accomplished Communications/Visual Language expert with deep and broad experience in planning and executing visual language solutions for organizations with demanding stakeholders, her experience spans 20+ years creating visual communication solutions for various size organizations, including for-profit, not-for-profit, government and education. These organizations' challenges include enhancing training and development programs, enriching executive development programs, creating brand identity, driving change management, illustrating process implementation, creating innovative culture strategies while spanning most industries and sectors. Her client base among many others includes 3opolis, AT&T, Allianz, AAA, AFC Enterprises, Alcatel, AON, Boy Scouts of America, Capitol One, Carlson, Chevron, Cisco, Creative Technology Center, Dell,, Experian, Forum, Green Electronics Council, Genentech, Hollings Cancer Institute, IRS, LucasArts, Hewlett Packard, Jackson Family Wines, M&M Mars, MGM Grand, Microsoft, MOHR Retail, MUSC, NEA, Pfizer, PG&E, Save the Children, Sodexho, Symantec, Sprint, Visa, Unilever, US Mint, Walgreen's, and Wiley Publishing. A list of clients can be seen on

For a brief view of some of Janet's work:








Curator, Projection Animator

As a live visual artist and visionary event producer crafting psychedelic immersive environments and multi-dimensional visual projections for over 15 years, Michael's visual mixing, projection mapping and custom animated videos have enhanced live performances of legendary artists. Among these are Shpongle, OTT, DJ Z-Trip, Jhene Aiko, and countless others. As a co-founder of Alternity and Visual Reality, Michael continues exploring new forms of expression expanding into 360 projection domes as a resident VJ at Wisdome.LA, in VR with several award winning VR/360 experiences, and augmented art and creator of the "Augmented Visions" gallery. Michael is the true embodiment of a modern day wizard, using technology and creativity to transform reality.

Alternity, Visual Reality


Curator, Sound Designer

A sound healer and electronic music producer from Los Angeles, Torkom Ji has been facilitating group sound healing since 2012, providing deep meditation and rejuvenation for thousands of people. Using his unique and powerful modality which he calls Quantum Harmonix, his sounds have been experienced at various therapeutic sound spaces including Lightning in a Bottle, Lucidity, Bhakti Fest and no effort required. Torkom has studied and perfected a system of meditation that is known to put people in very deep states of meditation with little or no effort required. Quantum Harmonix is a unique sound based meditative and healing technology which utilizes powerful tones that incorporate natural fluidity & movement. These sounds have been shown to have profound effects on the mind, body and consciousness of an individual and have assisted thousands in accessing deep and restorative states. 

Alternity, Visual Reality





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