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3opolis, LLC, an immersive and digital media holding enterprise, engages in all facets of content creation, development, production, finance, acquisition and distribution. 


3opolis is credited with hosting the world's first 3D, 4D and VR Film Festivals, and has executed more than 100 global tour stops through its traveling ‘3D Lounge’ and ‘VR Lounge’ showcases. Through feature films, documentaries, and immersive media, 3opolis endeavors to produce and create the most groundbreaking and captivating content of the current era. The companies we work with include:

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specializing in development and commercialization of innovative immersive media, has a rich history of showcasing cutting-edge technologies through its platform of information sharing. CTC also strives to connect the tech community, having hosted regular events and meet-ups for its nearly 5000 members.

ALTERNITY designs awe-inspiring immersive experiences for humans. ALTERNITY vision is to make accessible the mysterious and illuminate the wonders of the universe through science, technology, and art.

VISUAL REALITY is a unique combination of two exceptional artists, Michael Strauss and Torkom Ji. Michael Strauss is a live visual artist and visionary event producer, crafting psychedelic immersive environments and multi-dimensional visual projections for over 12 years. Torkom Ji is the founder of Quantum Harmonix, the first established 432Hz based healing sound modality.

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JOEL FITZPATRICK Studio, an award-winning events lighting and audio/video production company based in Brooklyn, New York whose capabilities include Lighting Design + Fashion Show Staging & Lighting Production Design + Audio/Video production + Photography & Video Capture and Editing +Time- Lapse Video + Staging +Gallery Installations. Joel Fitzpatrick, a creative visionary with a passion for design, nominated for the California Designer of the Year award, focuses on offering organic, ecologically and environmentally friendly projects.



a 501c3 non-profit dedicated to reversing global warming partnering throughout Los Angeles, our Climate Arts & Education programs focus on DRAWDOWN - the point at which Co2 levels peak and then fall or 'drawdown'. Our creative performances and workshops engage youth, adults and corporations in the top 100 solutions to reverse global warming. We support the Los Angeles County Sustainability Plan to promote a 0-waste lifestyle, achieve 100% renewable energy and eliminate 75% of the food waste from the landfill. We're changing hearts through Art and Action!

THE c3:


a non-profit arts, education, research, project development and presenting organization, provides innovative artists, media makers, content creators, and futurists, a variety of platforms and resources to create diverse projects.


By creating and communicating highly engaging experiences through creative technology, the CTC foundation makes measurable impacts on the outcomes of its selected causes:

• Education and understanding of creative technology  
• Role of immersive technology in climate change drawdown
• Contribution of creative technologies to a healthy planet earth
• Providing opportunities to those passionate about immersive tech

Mission: CTCf seeks to leverage its relationships with 3opolis and its associated companies to engage, inform, educate, affect and demonstrate significant impacts on our targeted causes where knowledge, experience, and understanding of creative technology and its role as a sustainable and creative life force in our universe provides opportunities for participation in positive change.



provides a human-sized holographic performance in

a small space with a 120-degree visual radius requires only 4-foot depth and 12 sq ft. total area with a user-friendly platform allowing your venue to showcase top-level talent for a fraction of the cost of a live performance. Included is a large catalog of professional shows of the highest quality of mix and mastered audio.


• An ally for patient care 

• Emotional well-being and relaxation

• Teaching Methodologies 

Immersive experiences have been used as an educational tool to increase students’ learning engagement and retention by creating a unique instructional environment that simulates real-life experiences.

• Therapeutic Resources  

Immersive solutions as a wellness practice improve the emotional well-being and quality of life of patients. Learn about how we’ve been implementing these solutions in a medical, pediatric, and geriatric environment.


604 Molton Avenue • Los Angeles, CA 90031

business development: info@3opolis,com

© All rights reserved, 3opolis, LLC. 2022

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